A little inside info
Frankie Biggz will enter 2022 with a big BANG. Releasing his new epic EP on January 26th, 2022.
Grammy Award Winner DJ, producer and songwriter Frankie Biggz returns to the forefront of the music industry with a blast!

Multi talent Frankie Biggz is back to feed the world with the best mix of high energy House, Trap, and Hip Hop, live performances, big television shows and incredible music & short film productions.

In January Frankie Biggz will release his brand new EP "ROGER THAT" - an EP that will surprise the audience in many unexpected ways. The EP ¨ROGER THAT¨ consists of six songs all ranging in different genres yet, keeping a strong trap and bass influence. The name ¨ROGER THAT¨ comes from a point in Frankie´s life of having to accept who he is, against who other people think he is.

The record starts out with a long-lasting Obsession of being abducted and studied. From that point there is a strong audio look into the moments a person recalls when being abducted and experimented on. The track itself is made the way so that it's sped up and slowed down. It's very ominous but a raw and truthful element in the concept . The next five songs definitely deal with memories of a Frankie´s time back in the United States.

Time to ask him some questions!

Why did you choose to have each song in a different genre? And how do they in the end still all connect to each other.
I chose to keep these songs in a modern hip-hop feel, however I did cross trap/drill mixed in with a little bit of 80s retro synth vibes. As for how I was able to connect each one. I did this by using some of the same drums that appear in the Roland drum category. Using familiar sounds that "are" and have been used in the most recent music past, is the connector with each track. I chose those drum sounds because those were the drum sound that I had come up with. I was born in an era where the Roland TR 808 was the most predominant drum sound in pop culture. It only seemed fitting and a really cool idea to go back and "unprocess" which had been processed up until now.

Meaning, using the original raw files and sounds, and in some instances the actual 808 box. But that wasn't the only Roland machine that I used, I not only use the 808, I use the 909, 707, 606, tb-303, and in some backgrounds of 101. Other than that, a lot of the filler was on board logic sounds that we find in your typical logic session. Again, being that logic and it sounds are becoming the most familiar sounds in pop music, it was only a natural choice to mix not only genres, but sounds of the past mixed with the new.
It's hard for me sometimes to talk correctly, I spider web a lot. However, I can tell you a story through my music and when I perform.
¨ROGER THAT¨ comes from accepting who you are against who other people think you are. Where lies the difference between these two for you?
In the last 20 years of my career, I had definitely displayed an attitude problem. I came up in privilege when it came to music. My parents were both exceptional musicians, my brother was signed to a major label by the time he was 19 and I was 16, so I got to see Fame very early in my life.

The problem sometimes however is, when you are around an industry of many narcissistic people, you tend to take on some of those traits. It wasn't until I moved to Europe that my entire outlook on life completely changed, and I was ashamed of certain behaviors that I had built myself up to be.

I realized that I didn't need to impress anybody anymore, I didn't need to be part of any pressure put on me between crews, family, and bullies. I learned how to enjoy my faults. I learned that although I wasn't perfect, God Made Me In His Image, so all of the flaws and mistakes are someone else's treasures and the reason we're all human beings. Back then Frankie Biggz lived in self-doubt and no self-love, where as the Frankie today is a stark opposite of the person in the rear view mirror.

Now I have so much to live for, I just do me and I try to smile a lot. I'm open now. I'm just closed down to people that are racist, non-empathetic, and rude. Rodger that?
Does the new EP reflect on your experiences in the last decade? What made you want to return on stage?
This EP is just a small snapshot of what's to come when the full LP comes out. Meaning this is just six tracks. In 2022 before the second quarter I will release a full album, but with that said:This record is a more deep dive into who I am sonically. Meaning, I like to push the boundaries in life, so you can definitely count on me pushing audio boundaries as well.

It's hard for me sometimes to talk correctly, I spider web a lot. That is just a lack of confidence in social behavior, however, I can tell you a story through my music and when I perform. My instrumentals are more than just that. Each sound is having a conversation with the other sound. Instead of the voice being a predominant storyteller, each instrument is telling its own story and will make sense rhythmically to the listener.

I also add elements throughout each track. My main goal is that when you listen to my music; it comes off very liquid & shiny, yet with a lot of bass. That is a snapshot of how my life has always been. Very fluid, very sticky and gooey, with a lot of bass. Metaphorically of course.

My live performance? Well, you'll just have to come out and see for yourself. I promise, I'm not a boring performer.
Where does your fascination for getting abducted and being studied come from?
OH BOY, well I'll try to make this short. I've had experiences with UFO sightings and paranormal stuff but this is now in the past. These events were happening when I was a very young child. Monroe Michigan and that whole part of Southeastern Michigan is plagued with UFO sightings and people who've claimed to have been abducted.

I spent a good part of my life chasing these things around & wanting to make sense of them. So my obsession basically was centered around this question "Don't you want to get the fuck out of here too?" and my inside voice screaming "Well fuck yeah! Please take me!".

So off I went by myself into some desolate places in hopes that it's either one I get mauled by a Bigfoot, or two: abducted by aliens. I just needed to make sense of what I had seen, against the things that I had heard. I just wanted out.

Still today, I don´t feel 100% alive inside, but I smile more, and love harder so when the "Mother Ship" comes for me, i'll leave knowing i made an impact on someone's ears. The first almost seven minutes of the very beginning of this EP is all about that. It was written by me and a very famous artist by the name of Dalia Chih. I was also lucky enough to have collaborated with her on this song and that she features on it. That by itself was amazing. In my scope Dalia Chih Is Not a Human Being. LOL. She is truly a fascinating and beautiful little alien!! We have an amazing brother and sister like relationship, we both understand each other quite a bit so coming up with an abduction song was actually easier than you think. We both love the paranormal.
What feeling do you want to give your audience while listening to this EP?
I would like the people who take the time to listen to this EP; I would like for them to feel like "holy shit!! I've never heard anything like this before". To me, that's one of the biggest compliments that I could get. So a bit of ominous fascination with empathy for the unseen & misunderstood. Basically, Alice in Wonderland gets abducted by aliens. You thought Wonderland was dope, Alien Wonderland is some other shit and I'm Chessor Cat. Roger that?
Which live performances are planned for 2022?
I will be doing a lot of festivals in 2022 and 2023. We're looking at a solid 12 month run in touring and promo from the United States to North Eastern Europe through the Asian market rounding into hopefully space. LOL, who knows! As of now however, I will definitely be in the United States, Japan and Thailand doing festivals and conferences. Stay tuned for schedule.