Meet Rome Lucio
Meet Rome Lucio; an international music artist and business owner. On Sunday the 31st of October he will release his new song ¨GIVE IT TO EM¨.
On Sunday you are releasing your new video "GIVE IT TO EM". What is this masterpiece about?

Well thank you, "GIVE IT TO EM" is for sure a master piece! Basically the song is about how I'm not perfect, I've scraped my whole life to become who I am now and it all started with me not being invited to party's in high school, people not really giving a shit about me in my home town.

Now the tables have turned and what they see is something different but I always remember and am still the same, you know?

What is the key message in your new song?

The key message of this song is to never stop working , but be careful (as the video shows) because other entities are always lurking in the shadows with their own agenda for how they want you to move. That's where SCP 049 comes into play....

Who directed your video and what´s the story line?

The director is the talent "Alex Connor", together with my father, two time Grammy winner "Frankie Biggz". The story line is a little dark.

This video starts with me walking into the Green Boutique, the gorgeous CubaMamii (SCP 049) is already there and sees me. In her eyes I have a sickness , called the "pestilence" if you know about the SCP Foundation. I grab some Rocket Power from Ieva and go up stairs to enjoy it, where 049 is watching me. As I smoke and get higher I start to lose conciseness.... she gets up to seduce me further using her body and influence over the human mind , just when she is about to touch me (which within its power will kill me instantly) I'm awoke by Ieva and see that all that's left of 049 is the mask. She could come back , you never know when you're being hunted....

Why did you choose The Green Boutique for the film location?

The Green Boutique is the top of the cannabis game in Barcelona Spain! Between the way the lounge is set up and the QUALITY of their products, it was an obvious choice! I was blessed by the opportunity honestly, and can't thank the staff and management enough for all they've done to make this vision a reality!

Tell us a bit more about the mysterious link with SCP-049?

SCP 049 is an anomaly that was captured in France and talent to the containment facility of a hidden location for research. Otherwise known as the infamous "Plague Doctor". Upon contact with any life form, follows its demise as 049 deems most life as having a sickness or disease that only it can cure. According to the SCP it is on a mission to save the world, though its methods are morally wrong. It can be anywhere at any time and it's power knows no bounds according to what we have gathered. Although it is normally not confrontational, there have been many incidents in the past that incite fear in the masses.

Is Rockit Power a real strain?

One day soon to be available to those who can handle it! I can't say much more, but keep checking with your local dispensary's, and when the time does come ... get ready...

What´s your favorite strain?

My favorite strain is one that I haven't found in a long time. I actively search for it but to no avail. "Death Berry" ... if you know where some is let me know as well! As far as my favorite strain that is accessible, "Mafia Funeral" was introduced to me my last visit to Barcelona at the Green Boutique itself and ... I don't remember the rest....

When are you going to perform live in Barcelona?

As we are still coming out of the Covid 19 pandemic. The only thing I can say is hopefully soon, a lot of venues still aren't taking performing acts but I'd imagine as we flatten the curve around the world, you can see me on stage this upcoming year 2022 in Barcelona!

How will you celebrate Halloweed this year?

My Video and single release will be on the 31st and I plan on going to every haunted house I can that day and night! I also am celebrating my Barbershop/Salon "Lucio's SXSFULL haircare" that same day on Halloweed! As all of my affairs are in order as planned , I can only imagine that night I'm going to get wild as I always do on significant times! If you saw how my birthday in September went, you know exactly what I mean....

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